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We are a leading company in port management. Our experience in this field is more than 10 years, during which we have become a stable partner of the largest ports in the region. Our services are also used in other emergencies to prevent environmental disasters. We ensure sustainable cleanliness and safety of the environment. Our team consists of professionally trained specialists who are ready to respond to unusual situations 24/7.

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eSYS pro is a company which have been dealing with various type of waste in different forms for almost 5 years. Company’s main business is based in both liquid and solid port waste management which is generated form fairy’s, ships and vessels. Companies’ business area is connected not only with ship waste management, but also with security maintenance in all port area – ensuring the patrolling and maintaining the port coordination centre performance. We have made different custom-made IT solutions to ensure the workflow and safety management in the ports.

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We are trusted

We are trusted